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LLM & LSPNG join IPNGS in congratulating Prof. Niles, OL

Dear all,

Papua New Guinea is celebrating its 41st Independence anniversary and the occasion also provides recognition to long term service men and women who have contributed to the development of the country in various developmental areas.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Professor Don Niles who has been included in Papua New Guinea's Independence Day Anniversary Honours List. Don Niles was named as officer of the Order of Logohu for his service to the community through promoting preservation of local culture, particularly in recording and publishing PNG's traditional music.

Logohu is the Motu word for 'bird of paradise'. The Order of Logohu is one of the orders in the honours system established by the Papua New Guinea government to acknowledge dedication and hard work by committed Papua New Guineans over a period of time.

We are sharing the excitement as you deserve the recognition Prof Niles. Indeed a great achievement for ethnomusicology research in Papua New Guinea!

Best wishes,

Naomi Faik-Simet

Dance Researcher

Music Department


Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies

LSPNG 2016 - FINAL Call for Papers!


The LSPNG Annual Conference is to be held on 2-4 of August 2016 at SIL-PNG Training Centre, Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea.

2016 is the 50th year of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea!

It is also SIL’s 60th year in Papua New Guinea. The goal of the conference this year is to provide a venue for research presentations in linguistics, sociolinguistics, literacy and education, aimed at increased collaboration between scholars and educators in the study of Tok Pisin and the amazingly diverse and numerous vernacular languages of Melanesia.

Abstracts and Programme

Abstracts are due 1 June 2016. Applicants will be notified of abstract acceptance around 15 June 2016.

All abstracts should be sent electronically to [email protected] ; they can also be mailed by post to Language Resources, SIL-PNG, PO Box 1-418, Ukarumpa, EHP 444.

The programme for the conference this year will be made available by 20 June on the Language and Linguistics in Melanesia website after the acceptance of the abstracts. For more information, please visit the Kivung Billboard @

Papers will be collected and published in the LLM online journal.

Accommodation and Costs for the Conference

Conference dinner: K36

Dormitory accommodation, including meals: Kina 120/night (around USD 40). For alternate accommodations, please check with the organising committee. Students from PNG universities who present a paper will be eligible for discounted accommodation.

There is no conference registration fee. Please plan to arrive on Monday, 1 August, as presentations will begin on Tuesday morning. Please plan to leave on Friday 5 August as presentations will continue through Thursday afternoon.

Please register your attendance at <mailto:[email protected]> [email protected] by 1 July 2016.


LSPNG 2016 Organising committee:

Venessa Sogiri, Joyce Homuo,

 Joyce Wood, Rene van den Berg


TOK SAVE: Extension of LSPNG 2015 paper submission date

This is to inform you that the New Year deadline for submission of papers for publication in LLM Vol. 33/2 as part of the LSPNG 2015 Conference Proceedings has been extended until the Chinese New Year's Day, which falls on February 8, 2016.

Happy New Year to you all!

Your LLM
Notice of Death

With deep sadness, LLM informs you of the sudden death of one of LSPNG founding members, Mr. Dicks Thomas. He passed away on 23/12/2015 at PMGH, Port Moresby. 

R.I.P., Dear Friend!

TOK SAVE 8/29/2015

Almost all of the publications from ANU's Pacific Linguistics series are now available online @

 An absolutely fantastic resource for linguists, anthropologists, etc.

Don Niles, IPNGS 


To view the LSPNG 2015 CONFERENCE PROGRAM, click on it!



LLM Editorial Board is happy to welcome Prof. Craig A. Volker of DWU as our Book Review Editor.

In his acceptance letter, Prof. Volker wrote:

 I'm happy to be a book review editor. Maybe put an.announcement in LLM with address asking that people contact me if they have a new book to review?  It would be good to promote PNG oriented books as much as possible. Craig. 

 Please write to Prof. Volker with requests for book reviews: [email protected] / [email protected]

Editor, LLM 

LSPNG 2015: Change of dates & 2nd Call for Abstracts

In view of clashing event schedules, the University authorities requested that we bring the conference dates 2 days forward. Therefore, LSPNG 2015 will be hosted by UPNG from June 15 to June 17, 2015.

To download our SECOND CALL 4 ABSTRACTS with all the latest updates, please click HERE.

To download LSPNG 2015 CONCEPT NOTE, please click HERE


The 49th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea will take place June 17-19, 2015, at the University of Papua New Guinea Waigani Campus.

Language enables all cultural and socio-economic development; paradoxically, it also often impedes development by creating communication issues in modern multilingual/multicultural societies. With the conference theme, "Promoting Language Education for Sustainable Development," echoing the overarching national concern to promote sustainable socio-economic development in Papua New Guinea, LSPNG 2015 aims to stimulate a useful exchange of ideas between intellectuals and policy makers on language education and language-related issues. While abstracts of papers on any subject dealing with topics in Melanesian language and linguistics are invited, preference will be given to those pertaining to language and its role in society.

To view the full text of this Call for Abstracts, please click HERE

Ethnologue Tok Save

Hello LSPNG,

 I’m passing along a request from Ethnologue to contribute in a new way to Ethnologue. Ethnologue is the most comprehensive source of its kind, but it is only as good as the data contributed. Ethnologue is recruiting people to be Field Contributors who will oversee a portfolio of languages and actively pursue updated or missing information. I believe there are people who’ve attended LSPNG who may be interested in contributing to the Ethnologue in this way, but I need your help in getting the information to them. Could you tell me who you’d recommend I contact?

 In the past Ethnologue has checked its data by sending around a huge file, asking SIL translators, etc to make corrections. This approach wasn’t very effective. Field Contributors are people who are interested in seeing Ethnologue match what they already know or have the capacity to learn about PNG’s languages. Ideally they are people who have some knowledge of an area or a group of languages.

 Interested? See below and attached for a full description of Ethnologue’s request. Training will be offered in Brisbane 25-27 August (costs covered), so your prompt response is desired. Please write [email protected] and copy us here at the SIL PNG survey office [email protected].

 John Carter

Language Assessment Team Leader

Pacific Area Language Assessment Advisor

Phone: (675) 537-4473 Skype: johnc.surveyor                                                                           

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