Journal of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea ISSN: 0023-1959

Message from LSPNG President

About 2018 LSPNG conference


Greetings to members.

My apology for late information.

This year (2018) is not looking all that bright in Papua New Guinea to consider hosting LSPNG conference. With the on-going tough economic times in the country, it appears difficult to envisage the conference happening this year. This situation makes it difficult to outsource funds for such an activity at this time.

There is yet another thing to consider. Papua New Guinea will be hosting the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting involving 21 economies of the world around October – November this year. This will happen around the same time we usually have our conference. This is likely to cause inconveniences in travel and accommodation arrangements for our participants.

With all that happening this year, it is best to defer LSPNG conference to next year, 2019. This gives those of us in Papua New Guinea some time to take a breather and start afresh next year.

The deferral also raises another issue, one that members should ponder on and come with ideas, suggestions or options for consideration in the next AGM in 2019. We need ideas that could usher in dynamism, vitality and, possibly, a new way of running and organizing LSPNG conferences in the future. The question is: Should LSPNG conferences be held bi-annually instead of annually, as has been the case up until now? What do you think? Over to members for comments and suggestions!

Thank you.

Sakarepe Keosai Kamene

President LSPNG



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