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LLM Volume 38, 2020

LLM opens up the seventh decade of its existence with an interesting paper by Dr Karl J. Franklin, Considering the Etymology of the Word “Pidgin”. This paper challenges the existing, widely accepted, understanding of the word’s etymology, which explains the lukewarm reviews it received from our expert reviewers.

Despite the validity of some critical comments, LLM supports ‘raising new questions, new possibilities’ and considering 'old problems from a new angle’ because they create the synergy of academic discourse which advances our knowledge.

To encourage this type of academic discussion, we have opened a new “Opinion/Comment” page that will provide an outlet for our readers’ feedback on this or any other publication in this (and future) LLM volumes. All questions, opinions and comments will be published unedited. Please email your thoughts to LLM Editor at


A Grammar of Nungon: A Papuan Language of Northeast New Guinea by Hannah S. Sarvasy. Grammars and Language Sketches of the World’s Languages – Mainland and Insular South East Asia, (Sidwell, Paul (ed.), Australian National University), Koninklijke Brill NV: Leiden, The Netherlands, 2017, xxi + 637 pages, ISBN 978-90-04-33750-3 (hardback €160), ISBN 978-90-04-34010-7 (e-book €145).

-Reviewed by Robert L. Bradshaw, Language and Culture Research Centre, James Cook University; Summer Institute of Linguistics – Papua New Guinea.

Bola grammar sketch (Data Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages 63) by Brent Wiebe, & René van den Berg. 2019. Ukarumpa: SIL-PNG Academic Publications. ISBN 9980 0 4482 9 (

- Reviewed by Blaine Billings, University of Hawaiʻi

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science ~ Albert Einstein

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