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LLM invites review copies from publishers of recently released books on any subject related to the languages of Melanesia or the study of linguistics in our region. We also invite reviews by our members of recently released books that they have found relevant to their work.  Reviews by students at institutions in Melanesia are especially welcome. 

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We have been requested to review a grammar of Bola Grammar Sketch, by René van den Berg and Brent Wiebe. The book is an e-book available online at

Bola is an actively used Austronesian language from West New Britain. 

If you wish to write a review article for LLM about this book, please let me know in advance that you're starting. 

Reviews by advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students are welcome. If you would like a suggestion for one way to organise an academic book review, please see:

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Pidgins, Creole & Mixed Languages: An Introduction by Viveka Velupillai. Creole Language Library (CLL) Volume 40, John Benjamins: Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2015, 599 pages, ISBN 9789027252715 (hardcover €99), ISBN 9789027252722 (softcover €33), ISBN 9789027268846 (e-book €33)


-Reviewed by Craig Alan Volker, Divine Word University / The Cairns Institute, James Cook University  



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