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Grateful Acknowledgement

LLM is grateful to SIL (Ukarumpa) for sharing their archives with us online. We are particularly grateful to Ray Stegeman of SIL, who discovered all the back issues of this journal on SIL shelves and, together with Rudy Yawiro (LCORE), took upon themselves the laborious task of scanning the past issues of Kivung and LLM, in order to make them available to all our readers.

Please let us know at if, browsing through these pages, you find anything amiss! 

Kivung Vol. 1 No. 1 [April 1968]

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English Supersententials by F.C. Johnson

The Role of Computer in Linguistic Research by M. H. McKay

Cultural Conflicts:

            An Educational View by J.R. Prince

            A Linguistic View by A. Balint

There Are No Subjective Dialects by B. Jernudd

A Note on the Study of Sociolinguistics by A.J. Taylor

Problems of Emphasis and Contrast by D.S. Stokes

Kivung Vol. 1 No. 2 [August 1968]

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SIL Research in New Guinea by B.A. Hooley

English Idioms by A. Healey

An Analysis of Kunimaipa Pronouns by A.R. Pence


Kivung Vol. 1 No. 3 [November 1968]

Front / Back Covers



Karam Colour Categories by R.N.H. Bulmer

Notes on Yoliap by Ann Cochran

The Relationship of Language & Linguistics to Reading by Sarah Gudschinsky

Trends in Tagmemics by E.W. Deibler, Jr.

The Inclusion of Semantics into Generative Grammar by R. Zimek

Language Imposition - Historical & Educational - an East African View by G.E. Smith

TESL Reporter


Kivung Vol. 2 No. 1 [April 1969]

Front/ Back & Contents

Editorial & Contributors

Sector Analysis & Idioms by A. Balint

Sememics & Translation by E.W. Deibler, Jr.

Variants of Australian English by B.H. Jernudd

What's Wrong with Pattern Practice by F.C. Johnson

Why Study the New Guinea Languages by D.C. Laycock

Australian & NZ English by W.S. Ranson

Tifal Phonology by W. Steinkraus

Hierarchy in Semantic Representation by E.P. Hamp

Kivung Vol. 2 No. 2 [August 1969]

Front Cover



Transformational Grammar & the Native Speaker by Andrew Pawley

Motu Reflexes of Proto-Austronesian by J.F. Kess

Recent Developments of Syntactic Theories in Czechoslovak Linguistics by R. Zimek

Kivung Vol. 2 No. 3 [November 1969]

Front & Back Covers



The Sound of the Bell by D. Bolinger

Preparing an English Remedial Course by R. Forrest

'Yesterday' in Oceanic Today by E.P. Hamp

Why Language Is Stratified? by A. Makkai

The Vocabulary of New Guinea English as Used by Expatriates by E.P. Wolfers

Teacher Training in Melanesian Pidgin by Irene Hueter

Kivung Vol. 3 No. 1 [April 1970]

Front Cover



Language & Literature by M. Kehoe

Are Emic Dictionaries Possible? by A. Pawley

Dictionaries for Translator & Learner by B. Irwin

Fijian-Polynesian Embedded Subject Personals by E.P. Hamp

"Out of the Cage" by P. Botsman

Verbal Fluency & the Language Laboratory by D. Cooper

New Trends in English Language Examining by R. Forrest

Problems of Inadequacy in the Reading Skills of Indigenous Students by P.M. Riley



Kivung Vol. 3 No. 2 [August 1970]

Front Cover


Language & Extralingual Reality by A. Balint

The Interrelation between Syntax, Lexico-Semantics & Word-Formation by R. Zimek

A Psycholinguistic Approach to the Measurement of Reading Materials Comprehension - J. Anderson

The Origin & Development of Police Motu by P. Chatterton

Bilingual Speech Phenomena by M.G. Clyne

Intonation & Ambiguity by A. Delbridge

Connective Particles in Japanese by J.F. Kess

Pike-Scott's Analysis of Fore Suprasegmentals by H. Pilch

Comment on "The Vocabulary of New Guinea English as Used by Expatriates" by P. Chatterton



Kivung Vol. 3 No. 3 [November 1970]

Front/Back & TOC

Modification & discourse analysis - A. Balint

Paragraph & sentence structure in New Guinea Highlands languages - R.E. Longacre

Grammatical & cultural function in tagmemics - K. J. Franklin

A language communication model - J. Anderson

Tigak personal pronouns – C.H. Beaumont

Remedial work with multi-lingual students – P. Denham

Training indigenous secondary teachers of English in PNG – R. Forrest

Problems resulting from the use of English as a second language medium of instruction – K. Johnson

Kivung Vol. 4 No. 1 [April 1971]

Front/Back & TOC

Some problems of inalienable possession & contact verbs – J.T. Platt

Tok Pilai, Tok Piksa na Tok Bokis – E. Brash

Problems of bilingualism in Papua & New Guinea – D. Lewis

Biological aspects of language – K. Lamb

Bilingual Dictionaries – C. Kilham

English in Australia – B.H. Jernudd

Kivung Vol. 4 No. 2 [August 1971]

Front/Back & TOC

Kinds of information in discourse – J.E. Grimes

Disambiguation in reconstruction – E.P. Hamp

Co-ordinate & equative implications in appositional relationships – C.V. Taylor

Uses of the verb “to say” in Gahuku – E. Deibler

Oksapmin clause structure – M. Lawrence

Kivung Vol. 4 No. 3 [December 1971]

Front/Back & TOC

Practical considerations of folk taxonomies – K.J. Franklin

Categorial rules in VSO languages – R.N. St. Clair

The morphophonemics of Nabak – E. & G. Fabian

Vernacular literacy: bridge to a national language – R. Gwyther-Jones

The Adzera family of languages, Morobe district, New Guinea - H.A. Holzknecht

Rotokas referentials – I.B. Firchow

Kunimaipa vowel harmony – A.R. Pence

The placement of accent in English – C.W. Peck

Kivung Vol. 5 No. 1 [April 1972]

Front/Back & TOC

In Memoriam

Toward a dynamic semantic theory – Z.F. Oliverius

The linguist, the language teacher, & contrastive analysis – B.H. Jernudd

An attempt to establish levels of reading difficulty in terms of syntactic complexity - K. Johnson

Language & politics in developing areas – M. Kehoe

Time in Anggor discourse – R. Litteral

Some needed research into TESOL in Australia – J.A. Wheeler

Book Review: J.D. Gupta, Language Conflict & National Development – B.H. Jernudd

Kivung Vol. 5 No. 2 [August 1972]

Front/Back & TOC

Phonological interference between Usarufa & Pidgin English – D. Bee

Borrowed rules among Polynesian languages – R. St. Clair

Some divergences in Australian English usage – R.D. Eagleson

Pronouns as nominalized sentences – F. Liefrink

On anaphoric possibilities between NPs in English – E. Daisley

Kivung Vol. 5 No. 3 [November 1972]

Front / Back matter & TOC

Language, Idea, and Thing by A.W. Sparkes

The Sociology of Language in QLD Aboriginal Communities by E.H. Flint

Take Care of the Sense by R. Johnson

The Utility of Focus by J.F. Kess

The status of verbal suffixes in Papua New Guinea languages – C. Peck

Review: A Course in Hiri Motu [T.A. Dietz]

Kivung Vol. 6 No. 1 [April 1973]

Front/Back & TOC

Towards an encyclopedic dictionary in Nuginean (Melanesian Pidgin) by a. Balint

On the acquisition of native speakers by a language – G. Sankoff & S. Laberge

An investigation of verb particle combinations in English by D.J. Absolom

Kivung Vol. 6 No. 2 [August 1973]

Front/Back & TOC

The importance to grammar of the utterance by C.V. Taylor

Transformational theory in teaching French by D.R. Richards

Rule ordering in TG by W.L. Bonney

Some observations on the present participles by P.G. Peterson



Kivung Vol. 6 No. 3 [December 1973]

Front/Back & TOC

Language attitude studies by J. Holmes

On the subject of subjects by P. Paul

Location by R. Daniel and K. Shaw

The failure of Australian universities as language teaching institutions by M. Quinn

Those kind of adjectives by J. Lynch

Review: Grundfragen [H. Kloss] by M. Clyne

Review: Da kine talk [E.B. Carr] by R. St. Clair

Kivung Vol. 7 No. 1 [April 1974]

Front/back matter & TOC

The dialects of the Raro language of Papua by M. Davis

The glottal stop in Kate by K.A. McElhanon

Notes on Bichelamar by J.B.M. Guy

An account of English 'may' based on a postulate of modal logic by J. Newman

Review: Conversational New Guinea Pidgin - K.J. Franklin

Kivung Vol. 7 No. 2 [August 1974]

Front/back matter

Early place names in New Guinea by J.S. Ryan

Orthography problems in central Buang by B.A. Hooley

Review: Semantic interpretation in generative grammar [R.S. Jackendoff] by W.L. Bonney

Review: Historiographia Linguistica by R. Lang

Kivung Vol. 7 No. 3 [December 1974]

Front/back matter

Communication across Polynesian languages by R. St. Clair

The analysis of English nodal auxiliaries by P. Collins

A diachronic note on Mendi vowels by K.J. Franklin

Alamblak passivity by L.P. Bruce, Jr.

Kivung Vol. 8 No. 1 [June 1975]

Front/Back & TOC

Focus in English clause structure seen via systematic experimental syntax – K.L. Pike

Are there prenasalized stops in Oceania? – B.A. Hooley

Pidginization & the multi-lingual – F. Liefrink & L. Todd

Linguistic aspects of Fare kinship – G. Scott

Vernacular Orthographies in PNG – A. Healey

A comparison of the ability of L1 & L2 speakers to rank types of overt deviance within English sentences – J.R. Wheatherhead

Nasalisation in Kewa dialects – K.J. Franklin

Note: Roro dialects


Franklin (ed): The linguistic situation in the Gulf district & adjacent areas, PNG – Trefry

Mathews: Morphology – A. Lang

Dutton (ed): Studies in languages of central & South-Eastern Papua – J. Lynch

Savard & Vigneault (eds): Multilingual political systems: problems & solutions – R. Lang

Kivung Vol. 8 No. 2 [December 1975]

Front/Back & TOC

Idiomaticity in a Papuan (Non-Astronesian) Language – K.A. McElhanon

A phonemic statement of Mai Enga – O. C. Hintze

Bislama phonology & grammar J. Lynch

Kivung Vol. 9 No. 1 [June 1976]

Front/Back & TOC

Some aspects of language planning in Malaysia – J.T. Platt

A note on the Proto-Oceanic vowels – J. Lynch

A note on G. van der Gabeletz’s ideas on the possibility of ‘mischprachen’ – R. Lang

Review Articles

The Dictionary & Grammar of Hiri Motu (The Office of Information, Port Moresby) – T. Dutton

R. Huddleston, An Introduction to English Transformational Syntax – G. Mallinson


S.A. Wurm (ed), New Guinea Area Languages & Language Study – R. Lang

R. Brown, A First Language – A. Lang

T.E. Dutton & C.L. Voorhoeve, Beginning Hiri Motu – J. Harris

G.W. Grace, Canala Dictionary (New Caledonia); & Grand Couli Dictionary (New Caledonia) – J. Lynch

Kivung Vol. 9 No. 2 [December 1976]

Front/Back & TOC

Standardization & modernization of Hiri Motu – T. Dutton

I don’t know whether I’m coming or going: a study of some usages of ‘come’ & ‘go’ in Korafe – C.M. Farr

Review Article: S.A. Wurm (ed), Austronesian Languages – J. Lynch


J.A. Z’graggen, The Languages of the Madang District, PNG – G. Reeslink

L.A. Reid, Bantok-English Dictionary – S. Litteral

R. & A. Loving, Awa Dictionary – G. Scott

Austronesian languages - J. Lynch

Kivung Vol. 10 No. 1-2 [1977]

Front/Back & TOC

Tolai Texts by Ulrike Mosel: Introduction

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Kivung Vol. 11 No. 1 [June 1978]

Front/Back & TOC

On the origin of body image in Tok Pisin – K.A. McElhanon

Multilingualism & language mixture among the Numbami – J. Bradshaw

On surface & underlying structure in tagmemics – P. Fries

Review Article: D.T. Tryon, New Hebrides Languages – P. Geraghty


· M. Ross with J.N. Paol, A Waskia Grammar Sketch & Vocabulary – G. Reeslink

· W.A.L. Stokhof, Woisika I: an ethnographic introduction – S. Ranck

Kivung Vol. 11 No. 2 [December 1978]

Front/Back & TOC

The New Guinea Oceanic Hypothesis – A. Pawley

Number & Time in Central Buang – B.A. Hooley

Review Articles

A. Lang (ed), Studies in Psycholinguistics I & II – J. Kess

C.H. Beaumont, The Tigak Language of New Ireland – M. Ross

Kivung Vol. 12 No. 1 [June 1979]

Front/Back & TOC

Simplified Koriki: a second trade language used by the Motu in the Gulf of Papua by T. Dutton

A fresh look at Nabak morphophonemics by K.A. McElhanon

Light from the Dark Ages of Chomsky & Halle’s “Abstract Phonology” by W. Baron


S.A. Wurm (ed), New Guinea Area Languages & Language Study by B. Cheetham

W. Flierl & H. Strauss (eds), Kate Dictionary by S. Litteral

P. & A. Healey, Telefol Dictionary, and G.H. Renck, Yagaria Dictionary by A. Taylor

H.G. Widdowson, Explorations in Applied Linguistics by J. Siegel

Kivung Vol. 12 No. 2 [December 1979]

Front/Back & TOC

Aroma Morphology – M. Craig

The particles i & na in Tok Pisin – K.J. Franklin

Reduplication in Tawala – B. Ezard

She kissed me and I fell asleep – J.B. Farr

Toward a theory of sentence structure – D. Thomas

A note on the origin of the Motu term hiri – T. Dutton

A brief note on Barton’s Definitions of the hiri terms baditauna, doritauna & darima – T. Dutton


H.J. Davies, Kobon Phonology – J. Lynch

W.A.L. Stokhof, Woisika II: Phonemics – E. Gasaway

M. Young, Bwaidoka Tales – D. Lithgow

LLM Vol. 13 No. 1 [1981-1982]

Front/Back & TOC

Kuman classificatory verbs – J.A. Piau

Subject, object, & indirect object: towards a typology of Papuan languages – C.R. Whitehead

This, that, & the other: a study of Korafe demonstratives - C.J.M. Farr & C.R. Whitehead

Review article: The Whorfian hypothesis & Siroi grammar – G. Reesink


W.A.L. Stokhof, Holle lists – M. Ross

S.A. Wurm, New Guinea & neighboring areas: a sociolinguistic laboratory – T. Crowley

C.L. Voorhoeve, The Asmat language of Irian Jaya – N. Kana

P. Mühlhäusler, Growth & structure of the lexicon of New Guinea Pidgin – J. Lynch

M. Boxwell et al., Papers in New Guinea linguistics No. 20 – C. R. Whitehead

P. Mühlhäusler et al., Papers in pidgin & creole linguistics No. 2 – T. Crowley

LLM Vol. 14 No. 1-2 [1982]

Front/Back & TOC

Introduction to the proceedings of conference Papuan linguistics: past & future – S.A. Wurm

Verb serialization in Siane – D. James

The acquisition of a noun classification system – W.J. Seiler

On the Kuman ‘liquids’ – J. Lynch

Tauya medial verbs – L. McDonald

Cases of counter-feeding in Fas – W. Baron

Discourse cohesion in a highland language of PNG – G. Scott

Mode, aspect, & foregrounding in Sentani – M. Hartzler


C.R. Whitehead, Towards a Typology of Papuan Languages – H. Feldman & W. Seiler

D.E. McGregor & A.R.F. McGregor, Olo language materials – P. Waisi

S.A. Wurm & L. Carrington, Second International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics – T. Crowley

J. Platt & H. Weber, English in Singapore & Malaysia – A.M. Smith

G. Scott, Fore dictionary – R.L. Brandson

R.A. Benton, The fight of the Amokura – J. Lynch

L. Carrington & M. Curnow, Twenty years of Pacific linguistics – J. Lynch

LLM Vol. 15 No. 1-2 [1987]

Front/Back & TOC

Obituary: Arthur Capell (1902-1986) – J. Lynch

Form & function of Rotokas words – I.B. Firchow

The origin of Kiki ‘to tell a story, yarn’ in Police (now Hiri) Moyu – T. Dutton

Language shift & language socialization in Gapun – D. Kulick


K.A. McElhanon, A linguistic field guide to the Morobe Province, PNG – S. Holzknecht

U. Mosel, Tolai Syntax & Its Historical Development – F. Lichtenberk

LLM Vol. 16 No. 1-2 [1987, for 1985]

Front/Back & TOC

Proto-Gorokan syllable structure – J. Haiman

Kinds of information in Bukiyip oral narrative discourse – R.J. Conrad

The category ‘relevance’ in Menya verbal morphology – C.R. Whitehead

Viewpoint in Oksapmin – M. Lawrence

How Austronesian focus works in the Misima language – B. Callister

The system of classificatory particles in Kilivila reconsidered – G. Senft


T.R. Groves et al., Kiribatese: an outline description – F. Lichtenberk

R. Carle et al., Gava: Studies in Austronesian Languages & Cultures – T. Crowley

W. Seiler, Imonda, a Papuan language – J. Haiman

LLM Vol. 17 No. 1-2 [1988, for 1986]

Front/Back & TOC

Phonological processes affecting segments in Angave [Part 1] – R.F Speece

Phonological processes affecting segments in Angave [Part 2] – R.F Speece

Phonological processes affecting segments in Angave [Part 3] – R.F Speece

Phonological processes affecting segments in Angave [Part 4] - R.F. Speece

Haruai verb structure & language classification in the Upper Yuat – B. Comrie

Review: P.A. Geraghty: The history of the Fijian languages – M.D. Ross

LLM Vol. 18 No. 1-2 [1988, for 1987]

Front/Back & TOC

Grammatical features of cohesion in Iamalele – J.R Beaumont

Word taboo & its implications for language change in the Markham family of languages, PNG – S. Holzknecht

Split ergativity in Siane: a study in markedness – D.M. Potts & D. James

The use of metaphors in Siroi – S. & J. van Kleef


G. Huttar & K. Gregerson (eds), Pragmatics in non-western perspective – W. Foley

J. LeRoy, Kewa tales and Fabricated world: an interpretation of Kewa tales – K. Franklin

R. Ilson (ed), A Sectrum of Lexicography – K. Franklin

W.R. Merrifield et al., Gods, heroes, kinsmen: ethnographic studies from Irian Jaya, Indonesia – O. Nekitel

F. Lichtenberk, A grammar of Manam – G. Senft

LLM Vol. 19 No. 1-2 [1988]

Front/Back & TOC

Ergativity & control in Folopa by N. Anderson & M. Wade

Disarming a loaded patient by P. & V. Schlie

Waris case system & verb classification by R. Brown

Focus marking in Mauwake by Liisa Järvinen

Coordination in Ono by P. Phinnemore


B. Turner, Manam teaching grammar by F. Lichtenberk

L. Bruce, The Alamblak language of PNG (East Sepik) by B. Comrie

D.K. Bowden, Medical dictionary in Bislama ? J. Lynch

Papers in New Guinea Linguistics No. 23 ? J. Lynch

J.M. Clifton (ed), Five phonological studies ? W. Seiler

G. Senft, Kilivila, the language of the Trobriand Islands ? D. Lithgow

J. Aitchison, Language change: progress or decay? ? D.T. Tyron

LLM Vol. 20 No. 1-2 [1989]

Front/Back & TOC

Obituary: Donald C. Laycock (1936-1988) – K. J. Franklin

Modality in Mangap-Mbula: an exploration of its syntax & semantics – R. Bugenhagen

The demonstrative pronouns pa and ti in Urim discourse – R. Hemimila

The Madak verb phrase – R. Lee

Botin deictics: go and come – B. Pryor & C. Farr

Tail-head linkage in Siroi – S. van Kleef

On possible factor in the origin of Piawi personal pronouns – B. Comrie


T. Dutton & D. Thomas, A course in Tok Pisin – J.M. Charpentier

A. Wierbicka, English speech act verbs: a semantic dictionary – K. Franklin

R. Keesing, Kwaio grammar – T. Crowley

T. Dutton, Police Motu: iena siveroi (its story) – J.M. Clifton

E.L. Keenan, Universal Grammar – J. Roberts

B. Couture, ed., Functional approach in writing: research perspectives – J. Roberts

G.G.Gilbert, ed., Pidgin & Creole languages J. Troy

D.A. Bartholomew & L.C. Schoenhals, Bilingual dictionaries for indiginous languages – T. Dutton

Index to Volumes 11-20 – K. J. Franklin

LLM Vol. 21 No. 1-2 [1990]

Front/Back & TOC

Deixis & participant tracking in Botin – J. Pryor

Evidentiality in Tauya – L. MacDonald

Language use in a New Guinea village: a triglossic profile of Makopin I – J.A. Nidue

Cross-cultural advertising: Tok Pisin & English in Papua New Guinea – K.J. Franklin

Two verbal constructions in Kaugel – J. Head

Determiners & reference in clauses – E. Good

A genetic comparison of Hua, Awa & Binumarien – H. Xiao


D. Scorza & K.J. Franklin, An advanced course in Tok Pisin – P. Mühlhäusler

D.C. Laycock & W. Winter (eds.), A word of language: papers presented to Professor S.A. Wurm on his 65th birthday – K.J. Franklin

A. Wierzbieka, The semantics of grammar – K.J. Franklin

A. Shnukal, Broken: an introduction to the Creole language of Torres Strait – J. Holm

H.H. Hock, Principles of historical linguistics – T. Dutton

LLM Vol. 22 No. 1-2 [1991]

Front/Back & TOC

Irrealis in Manam Discourse – S.C. Blewett

Linked nouns in Paamese: grammatical iconicity in part-whole constructions – T. Crowley

Varieties of Melanesian Pidgin: Separate identities vs. European stereotypes – T. Crowley

A study of the dialects of Amele – J.R. Roberts

“Serial” na in Tok Pisin – J.W.M. Verhaar, S.J.

The birth & decline of Rabaul Creole German – Craig Volker


H.A. Brown, Three Elema myths, recorded in Toaripi, translated & annotated by H.A. Brown – J.M. Clifton

G. Lakoff, Women, Fire, & Dangerous Things: What categories reveal about the Mind – D.M. Snyder

F.J. Newmeyer (ed.) Linguistics: The Cambridge Survey, Vol. IV, Language: the socio-cultural context – K.J. Franklin

Papers in New Guinea Linguistics No. 24 [Pacific Linguistics, A-70] – J.M. Clifton

Papers in New Guinea Linguistics No. 25 [Pacific Linguistics, A-74] – J.M. Clifton

M.D. Ross, Proto-Oceanic & the Austronesian languages of Western Melanesia [Pacific Linguistics, C-98] – J. Lynch

A.J. Schütz, The Fijian language – J. Lynch

LLM Vol. 23 No. 1 [April 1992]

Front/ Back matter & TOC

The inclusive/exclusive distinction in Tok Pisin – S. Romaine

“Bakavilisi Biga” or What happens to English words in the Kilivila language? – G. Seft

Survival & Susuami: a ten year perspective – G.P. Smith


H. Feldman, A Grammar of Awtuw – C. Whitehead

R.M.W. Dixon, A Grammar of Boumaa Fijian – C.E. Grimes

J. Louwerse, The Morphosyntax of Una in Relation to Discourse Structure – V. Heeschen

J.H.C.S. Davidson, Pacific Island Languages – M. Ross

T. Crowley, An Illustrated Bislama-English & English-Bislama Dictionary – J-M. Charpentier

J. Fabian, Language & Colonial Power – J. Troy

B. Lalla & J. D’Costa, Voices in Exile – J. Troy

T. Crowley, An Introduction to Historical Linguistics – T. Dutton

B. Jacobsen, Modern Transformational Grammar – J. Roberts

M. Johnson, The Body in the Mind – D. Snyder

G. Lakoff & M. Turner, More than Cool Reason – D. Snyder

J.R. Taylor, Linguistic Categorization – J.R. Roberts



LLM Vol. 23 No. 2 [October 1992]

Papers from 6ICAL on Languages from Papua New Guinea, edited by DM Snyder & JM Clifton

Front/Back & TOC

That’s What I’m Talking About: Discourse Level Deixis in Buhutu – R. Cooper

Is it real? Or is it even realis? – L. Erdman & T. Goring

Using grammatical data to determine language relationships in Fergusson & Normandy Island languages of the Papuan Tip cluster – D. Lithgow

The position of the Gumawana among the languages of the Papuan Tip cluster – M.D. Ross

Lexicography in Papuan Tip cluster languages: Where will it lead? – D.M. Snyder

Transitivity & ergativity in Sinaugoro – G. Tauberschmidt with A. Bala

Squibs, Notes & Discussion

Object classifying morphemes in Sudest – M. Anderson

A note on Hees’ ‘Tolai-Nakani’ trade language – T. Dutton & M. Ross

Translating accompanitives in Papuan Tip Cluster languages of PNG – D. Lithgow


N. Boretsky et al., Akten des 1. Essener Kolloquiums über “Kreolsprachen und Sprackontakte” vom 26.1.1985 an der Universität Essen – C. Volker

R.J. Goulden, The Melanesian content in Tok Pisin – G.P. Reesink

T. Dutton, Papers in Papuan Linguistics No. 1 – K. Ford



LLM Vol. 24 No. 1 [April 1993]

Papers from the Third International Conference on Papuan Linguistics – Part 1, edited by J.M. Clifton

Front/Back & TOC

Kirikiri & the Western Lakes Plains languages: selected phonological phenomena – H. & D. Clouse

* Pages 2-3 of the above article, scanned separately

Pronoun systems in Sepik Iwam oral narratives – R.J. Conrad

Possession in Koriari – T. Dutton

Observations on verb suffixes in Umbu-Ungu – J. Head

Language Convergence or Divergence: the case of Apali (Emerum) language – M. Wade

Kewapi verbal morphology & semantics – A. Yarapea


S.H. Elbert, Echo of a Culture: A grammar of Rennell & Bellona – D. Tyron

S. Holzknecht, The Markham languages of Papua New Guinea – J. Lotterman

T. Crowley, Beach-la-Mar to Bislama: the emergence of a national language in Vanuatu – D. Tyron

L. MacDonald, A grammar of Tauya – C.R. Whitehead

R. Blust, Currents in Pacific linguistics – K. Ford & S. Kamene

S. Romaine, Language, education & development: urban & rural Tok Pisin in PNG – K. Franklin

P. Auer & A. Luzio, Variation & Convergence: studies in social dialectology – J. Siegel

F.G. Droste & J.E. Joseph, Linguistic theory & grammatical description – J.R. Roberts

LLM Vol. 24 No. 2 [October 1993]

Papers from the Third International Conference on Papuan Linguistics – Part 2, edited by J.M. Clifton

Front/Back, TOC & Editor’s Page

Specifiers as focus & other markers in Koiari – T. Dutton

The switch reference clause chaining phenomenon from a Korafe perspective – C.J.F. Farr

A preliminary comparison of Kamano-Yagaria – K. Ford

Grammar & native speaker awareness – V. Heeschen

“Inner Speech” in Papuan languages – G.P. Reesink

LLM Vol. 25 No 1 [April 1994]

Front/Back & TOC

Topic in Ama Discourse – B. Årsjo

Practical issues in Bislama Lexicography – T. Crowley

Spacial reference in Kilivila: the tinkertoy matching games– a case study – G. Senft

Squibs, Notes & Discussion

On the origin of Tok Pisin na – J. Lynch

Grammaticalisation of body-part terms in Kilivila – G. Senft


T. Crowley, A Dictionary of Paamese – K. Ford

T. Dutton, A First Dictionary of Koiari – K. Ford

J.A. Lloyd, A Baruya -Tok Pisin - English Dictionary – K. Ford

LLM Vol. 25 No. 2 [October 1994]

Front/Back & TOC

Stable multilingualism in a small language group: the case of Kaki Ae – J.M. Clifton

Word tone in a Papuan language: an autosegmental solution – D.J. James

Three transitivity markers in Arop-Sissano – J. Nystrom

Theoretical implications of Olo verb reduplication – W. Staley


The Language Game, Papers in Memory of D.C. Laycock. Ed. By Tom Dutton, Malcolm Ross & Darell Tyron. Reviewed by K. Ford

Culture Change, Language Change: Case Studies from Melanesia. Ed. by T. Dutton. Reviewed by Daryl Pfantz

Atlantic Meets Pacific: AGlobal View of Pidginization & Creolization. Ed. by F. Byrne. Reviewed by Otto Nekitel

Lokal Musik-Lingua Franca: Song & Identity in Papua New Guinea. By Michael Webb. Reviewed by Virginia Whitney

The Phonology-Syntax Connection. Ed. by S. Inkeles & D. Zec. Reviewed by J.M. Clifton

LLM Vol. 26 No. 1 [April 1995]

Front/Back & TOC

Tense, Aspect & Modality in Bargam – M. Hepner

Sursurunga conjunctive elements – D. Hutchinson

Reduplication for past actions in Auhelawa – D. Lithgow

Tribute to D. Lithgow

LLM 26 Vol. 2 [October 1995]

Front/Back & TOC

Syllable structure in Imyan Tehit – R.G. Hesse

Diachronic typology & changing paradigms in historical linguistics: a review article of Linguistic Diversity in Space & Time – M. Ross

Squibs, Notes & Discussion

Some further comments on Kaki Ae – K.J. Franklin


Tonality in Austronesian Languages. Ed. by J.A. Edmondson & K.J. Gregerson. Reviewed by J.M. Clifton

Emics & Etics: The Insider/Outsider Debate. Ed. by T.N. Headland, K.L. Pike & M. Harris. Reviewed by B.D. Grimes

LLM Vol. 27 No. 1 [1996]

Front/Back & TOC

A government & binding analysis of the verb in Amele – J.R. Roberts

Relative Instability of *tina- ‘Mother’ in the Languages of Eastern Oceania – J. Lynch

Domain dependent code choices: Musom language – S. Yarupawa

LLM Vol. 27 No. 2                                                                  [1996]

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Inverse in Tanglapui – by M. Dnohue ……………………………………………..................................………………………… 101

Bislama: Orthographic Attitudinal Evolution – by T. Crowley …..………………………....................……………….. 119

The Multiple Processes of Olo Verb reduplication – by W. Staley …………………........................………………… 147

Physical Properties in a Gender Syste.: A Study of Manambu – by A. Aikhenvald ………...............…………. 175


Topics in the Description of Kiriwina. Ed. by Malcolm Ross & Janet Ezard. Reviewed by G. Senft ......... 189

LLM Vol. 28 No. 1-2 [1997]

Front/Back & TOC

Switch reference & control in Apali – M. Wade

A comparative look at the Dual & Plural forms of verbs inflections & pronouns in Northeast New Guinea Papuan Languages – E. Suter

Fore case marking – C. & M. Donohue

Lexical splitting in the kinship vocabulary of the Buki (Arapesh) languages – L. M. Dobrin


Critical literacy & Pacific languages in education – K. Ford & S. Kamene

Le nyelâyu de Balade (Nouvelle-Calédonie) – J. Lynch

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