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Payment of LSPNG Membership Fees (2020 &2021)

Annual Membership Fees (as set by AGM 2020)

Institutions K 500

Regular members: K 150

Lifetime K 2,000

Students who are part of a member institution: no fee.

Students not part of a member institution: K 20

Benefits of membership:

You become part of a dynamic linguistic and literacy community; you are allowed to present papers at the yearly Conferences; you have a right to vote on issues related to the Society at the AGM; you can feel a sense of camaraderie in knowing you are helping to pay for the web fees associated with sharing a free access journal with the rest of the world.

Instructions for Online Payment

You will need most or all of the following information for online payments:

Currency: PGK

Pay to: The Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea

Account No.: 15809833 (Kina Bank)

BSB: 028-021 (Waigani Branch)


(This corresponds to KINA BANK LIMITED, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)

Physical address of payee: Language Services, Ukarumpa EHP, Papua New Guinea

(A required field in New Zealand banking system. The LSPNG does not actually have a physical address, but this address is true for some of our members, and was accepted by the NZ banking system.)

Message to Recipient:

Reason for sending money: Bill Payment

Save the transaction summary (as a PDF), and email it to the LSPNG Treasurer, , and CC to the general LSPNG email address

(SIL Members may instead transfer to account Linguistic Soc of PNG: 21090-192510)

Robbie Petterson

Treasurer, LSPNG (email:

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