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A bibliography of Tok Pisin-related articles in Kivung / LLM 1969-2020

Craig Alan Volker (James Cook University)

Since its second issue in November 1969, Kivung (rebranded as Language & Linguistics in Melanesia - LLM in 1981) has come to be a repository for writing about the languages of Melanesia and a reflection of the many interests of members of the Linguistic Society of Papua New Guinea. In this repository, there are many articles on Tok Pisin, the most widely spoken language in Papua New Guinea.

While all of the issues of Kivung / Language & Linguistics in Melanesia are online, and there is much valuable research on Tok Pisin and languages related to it, it is not always easy to sift through the many volumes of the journal to search out what is needed. Nor is it easy to see immediately where researchers have been particularly active over the years (e.g., education and sociolinguistics) and which areas have been neglected (e.g., phonology and syntax).

In an effort to stimulate further research into Tok Pisin (and to organise my own research a bit better!), I have put together the following bibliography of articles related to Tok Pisin and its closely related languages (Solomon’s Pijin, Bislama, Torres Strait Creole, and PNG English), from the earliest issues of Kivung to the 2020 issue of Language & Linguistics in Melanesia. The articles have been arranged in three lists: by topics, by chronological order, and by authors' names.

In all three lists

  1. underlined titles have clickable links to the articles online at,
  2. LLM = Language & Linguistics in Melanesia,
  3. review articles are marked with ^.

Craig Volker

August 14, 2020

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