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LSPNG 2021 Proceedings

Book of Abstracts

Un-Austronesian features of Malol, an Oceanic language of north New Guinea - René van den Berg

Inflectional verbal morphology in Malol - Lydia van den Berg

Plenary: The Acquisition of other people’s languages: A view from Arapesh country - Lise Dobrin

Polite plurals and kinship in Lote - Mary Pearson

Semiotics of cultural signs in Nali marriage rituals - Kipli Joan Minol

Frustrative in Doromu-Koki - Robert Bradshaw

Tami demonstratives and deictic relative clauses - Moss Doerksen

Deictic-marked adpositions in Ap Ma and Waran - Don Killian & Russell Barlow

The lexeme ‘face’ in languages of northwestern Papua New Guinea - Jose Antonio Jódar-Sánchez

A century of Tok Pisin lexicography - Craig Alan Volker

Incorporating local knowledge and language in public primary schools - Claudio da Silva, et alia

Tok Ples of PNG can survive! - Sakarepe Kamene & Olga Temple

Vernacular-first vs. English-only bilingual education: The EGRA studies - Robbie Petterson

Motion events with two path verbs in Walman - Matthew Dryer

To plural-mark or not to pluralmark: The Torricelli family approach -Pegi Bakula

Onnele number beyond number - Benjamin Pehrson

A distinct variety of Tok Pisin spoken amongst young people in Kiunga and Tabubil in Western Province - Andreas Noreewec

A preliminary phonological and acoustic analysis of vowels in Domung - Jonathan Moe

The syllable profile and glide formation in Sob  - Ryan Harty

Kope tone patterns - Robbie Petterson

Dialectical analysis in teaching linguistics at UPNG - Olga Temple & Sakarepe Kamene

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