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A joint meeting of 30-04-2024 between the UPNG-based LSPNG Executive members and the Conference Organizing Committee from the University of Goroka, led by Dr. Sakaya Botu, the Executive Dean SHSS UOG and by Dr. Philip Tama, HOD Linguistics UOG, discussed the COC's progress in organizing this year's LSPNG Conference.


In view of an unfortunate confluence of logistical difficulties, caused by the 2022 earthquake and related serious security issues, currently experienced in Goroka, the meeting concluded that, despite the UOG COC's enthusiasm and interest in hosting our conference this year, the situation on the ground calls for a deferral of this year’s conference until next year, 2025.


This, therefore, is the official notification of the LSPNG Executive decision regarding this matter. LSPNG 2025 will be hosted by the University of Goroka, Goroka, EHP in September 2025.


LSPNG 2022 International Zoom Conference hosted by UPNG in September!

LSPNG 2022 hybrid Zoom Conference will take place from the 21st to the 22nd of September 2022 @ the National Research Institute (NRI) Conference Center, Port Moresby.

The Program and Book of Abstracts will be published on the LSPNG 2022 page on 16-09-2022.

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